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Reflecting On Lake Gaston

I been getting up early a lot for a while how. Being a realtor on Lake Gaston is a rewarding job. I have worked for myself for most of my life. Helping hard working people find a little piece of heaven here at Lake Gaston is by far the best thing I have every done. The different little neighborhoods around Lake Gaston feels so much like home. I enjoy meeting all the different people who live here. We have large number of people who are retired here. It’s so interesting to meet them and to here there story’s of what they did before they move here really interest me. I might just write a book one day just about the story’s I have heard. It’ also a joy to meet the one’s who come to Lake Gaston to look around and see our little piece of heaven and see if it fit their needs. We have a nice little community here at Lake Gaston with places to eat, ice cream shop, grocery store, Family Dollar, and Ace Hardware. We have a lot to offer here, but more important is you will make more memories here that will last you a life time.

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