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5 Things Fall Home Buyers Should Notice

Spring tends to be the peak season for home-buying here at Lake Gaston, however, fall may be the best time to buy. Right after the summer season, there is a lot of inventory from which to make your choice. The weather is mild for house-hunting, and it's quiet and peaceful. The leaves will be changing to beautiful colors around the water and that makes for a wonderful view. Also, it gives you time for getting your house ready to enjoy in the summer. There are several things to check when looking at properties in the fall. These things are not be so obvious once the weather changes and cools down. 1. Check the air conditioning status: Most likely the air conditioner will not be running in the fall, so have an inspector check it out and make sure that it is functioning properly. You need to check the filter, check for any blockages, and check the outdoor condenser and make sure there are no strange noises. Finally, look at the duct work and make sure there is no rust. 2. Check the drainage: Besides taking a look at the gutters, look at the drainage situation and check for any problems that might need to be addressed before the rainy season. 3. "Eye" the driveway: A steep driveway may not be noticeable in the summer, but when buying, you should realize it may impact you in the winter when snow and ice come. Snow and ice are not typically a problem around here, but we can get a good amount at times. 4. What is the pest possibility? : It may seem great to live close to the lake, and pesky mosquitoes and bugs are not very numerous in the fall. You need to realize that in the summer, they will be out in full force. 5. Check condition of windows: Nothing is worse than realizing on a cold day in winter that a home's windows lack proper insulation. Drafty windows can clean out your pocketbook in no time. I hope these tips and suggestions will help you in your search for that perfect lake home. I can help you find that perfect place any time of the year, but come see beautiful Lake Gaston in the fall and you will love it even more.

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