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Your Honey-Do List For September

Our "to-do" list always seems to grow. Now that Summer is gone and Fall is kicking into high gear, there are a few things you may want to add to that list while you are working on it. To spruce up you home and make if feel more like the beautiful fall season, here are some things you can do. 1. Clear out closets- As you pull out the sweaters and jeans this fall, make a point to weed out the clothing that doesn't fit any more or that is no longer in style. Donate them to your local church or a Goodwill center. 2. Brighten up your kitchen- we spend a lot of time in the kitchen in the fall and winter months. We cook holiday meals, gather with family there, and pour over homework at the kitchen counter. You can change your kitchen towels, add a pretty arrangement or table centerpiece, or invest in new placemats. 3. Inspect and repair your roof- Now is the time, before ice and snow arrive, to inspect your roof for leaks and cracks. As a Real Estate agent, I suggest paying particular attention to the area around the chimney as that is the most common spot for damage to occur. 4. Add a pop of color to your porch- Consider adding a fall wreath and some fall-blooming flowers like a garden mum to give your home some extra curb appeal. 5. Last but not least... plan an "end-of-summer" get-together with family and friends. Once the porch is spruced up and the kitchen is brightened, it's the perfect time for one last barbecue before it gets too cold to enjoy the outdoors.

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