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Inspection Reports: Top 3 Repairs That Should Have your Attention

Lake Gaston Home Inspection

In buying a home in and around Lake Gaston, Inspections are commonly done. As a Realtor here at Lake Gaston there are The finding in the report can be good, can be bad, and be Ugly. Thing that come up can really slow the process of Closing up, as well as stopping the sale. I have seen some buyer walk away from home with problems. The repairs are definitely something that needs to be fixed, but these kind of issues can always be negotiated between the buyer and seller. It's important that both parties have some knowledge on what to do if any of these problems show up on the inspection report.

#1..Radon isn't that big of a problem here at Lake Gaston. Radon is a naturally occurring, radioactive, carcinogenic gas and is sometimes found in homes. It's known to cause lung cancer. Normally found in the home's basement or crawl space. The majority of homes don't have radon problem, but if you are a buyer, I suggest you have it tested. If it check above average, it should discussed about fix it. If radon levels are above 4.0 picocuries per liter, you should have a remediation system installed.

#2..Exposed Wiring is not a huge issue necessarily in most houses here at Lake Gaston, but it can be a safety hazard. Electrical code have change a bit in the last 30 to 40 years. Outdated wiring can be a safety concern and should be taken care of. Lot of times it will show up in the Home inspection report, and the buyer would like a trusted contractor to fix the problem to ensure the quality and permits are up to par.

#3..Septic system inspection I highly recommend here at Lake Gaston when you are in your Due Diligence period. A lot of the home here at Lake Gaston have trees throughout the yard and the roots can damage to the drain lines. We have also seen concrete patio and decks put over top of Septic systems. So it's wise to have a professional to check where the system is. Then they can check the system for proper working order.

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