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The Holiday Spirit At Lake Gaston

Lake Gaston

Selling a home during the holidays can feel like a challenge. At Lake Gaston our winters for the most part are moderate. We have a lot of home on the market that are family’s second home. As a Realtor I get asked during the Holidays should they decorate or not there lake home. This is an extremely common questions for home sellers here at Lake Gaston. My response is to decorate some. What I mean by that is put out a few thing to show your spirit if Christmas is what you like. It shows in my opinion family

life that you would like to share. When selling your home, it’s important to present it in a way that others can see themselves living in.

Use the holidays to create warmth in your home. “I think lights and color can warm anyone’s heart,” With the right touch, holiday decorations can create an emotional attraction for a buyer to your home. A cold, undecorated home can’t compete with the one that has the holidays sprit. Here at Lake Gaston we are showing homes to future buyers here on a regular basic. I understand with the time of the season it can be hectic which means time you normally spend cleaning may be spent at the mall and holiday gatherings. It is important to stay on top of keeping you house clean and tidy. So lets see some Holiday spirit at Lake Gaston.

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