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Enjoying a Good Ballgame

As we all get busy with Fall activities and our kids go back to school, I begin thinking about football. I know this is at the forefront of many minds these days whether it be high school, college, or professional ball, it is a highlight of the Fall season. However, I also think of baseball. The MLB season is coming to a close, and they are getting ready for playoff time and the World Series. I keep up with baseball throughout the year probably more than football. I have been to many more baseball games than football. It's just my thing. I really enjoy going and watching nearly any baseball game no matter the age of the players. It doesn't matter what your sport of choice is... what matters is that you enjoy the time at these games with family and friends. Whether you go to see a family member play or even to see a daughter, niece, or family friend be a cheerleader, these are times that we all should cherish. For those with kids playing, we are all aware that the time goes by way too fast and then it is over. When you get a chance, go to a game, take your family... there are some wonderful memories to be made.

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