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End of Summer Maintenance


As summer comes to an end, it is important that home owners carry out maintenance projects that will affect the value of your home. We had alot of high temperature days here at Lake Gaston this summer and that can take a toll on a home , both inside and out. It is wise to inspect your home and repair any defects to ensure that your home is ready for the cold season. Humidity in summer can cause the boards on wood decks to rot. Home sellers should replace rotten boards and sand those that are chipped or cracked. You should check for chipping paint , cracks, and holes. All surfaces should be painted before the cold season begins. If you have a patio, weeds and the elements can degrade the hold between bricks, making an exterior lose its appeal. Gaps between bricks should be patched with cement patching material.

Home insulation is a top priority for buyers as it determines how comfortable they will be when the cold seaon rolls around. Each home sellershould carry out a visual inspection of his home both indoors and outdoors- to identify spots that may need weatherstripping or new caulk.Doors and windows are the main culprits of air leaks and deserve special attention. In doing these things it will help homeowners to reduce their energy bills. Energy efficiency can be a home's main selling point. Some homes sellers foget to clean the gutters when the warm season starts. Debris can accumulate and cause blockages, damage gutters., or bend them. Sellers can handle minor gutter repairs themselves. Home sellers should also trim low hanging trees located near their gutters to avoid regular cleaning. Trimming branches also prevents rodents from climbing trees and going to the attic. I would advise if a homeowner wants to sell their home reasonably fast, they should maintenance, regular.

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